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Together we plan for optimized airport security solutions

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What we do

We advice airports, security companies and equipment manufacturers in reaching optimized airport security checkpoint environments. We do this by strongly tying security technology implementation to local process insights and holistic process (data) modelling.

At every client location, our main challenge is to reach optimal balance between the various components of configuration, CONOPs and man-machine interaction, within the available checkpoint spacing.

The core of our advice is to provide direct and practical handles meant to be used in strategic and operationally tactic decision-making processes.

The Context of our Services

We apply our approach to a versatile set of challenges, of which the ones mostly addressed are:

  • Security equipment upgrades, such as: ATRS, EDS CB, X-ray and CT scanners, integrated security lanes, screening software, passenger screening equipment.

  • Checkpoint and security concept redesign programs.

  • Trial phase reviews (and monitoring) and tender requirement specification.

  • Security operations monitoring and continuous improvement.

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our advice is practical and actionable

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We bring practical understanding of the dependency structures within security checkpoint ecosystems, with:

  • Highly detailed and realistic scenario modelling of future security performance.

  • Comprehensive business casing for procurement of new equipment.

  • Functional designs (w/a quantitative approach) of new security designs.

  • Accurate queuing and required security spacing modelling.

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We help improve processes and decrease costs

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The core value we deliver to or clients consist of:

  • Confidence in security checkpoint redesign and fit-for-purpose decision making.

  • Tailored security solutions that match the process and the airport vision.

  • Decrease of security costs, queuing area and queuing times.

  • Optimized resourcing plan, lane usage and efficiency, spacing benefits.

  • Continuously optimized security performance.


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