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Our view on process change

Point FWD provides data research

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We like to ask airport clients the following eye-opening question: are you looking for the holy grail or a solution that fits the purpose? Underlying this question is the belief that there should be no sole focus on the KPI promises for Explosive Detection System (EDS) equipped Cabin Baggage (CB) machines in order to obtain process speed.

Focus should rather be on data research in order to gain valuable process insight. This supports accurate and substantiated decision making and enables technology adoption in early phases of implementation.

We are Point FWD, a Schiphol-based, highly specialized aviation security consultancy company. Since our start in 2011 we have been assisting partners with equipment development, process optimization and implementation projects. Data research has always been at the core of our approach. Within the last year we have been experiencing the impact of EDS CB challenges at our clients, and have been building a comprehensive approach to overcome these.

On this website we provide you with a way-finder for your EDS CB challenges and show how data research can help on your way to implementation success.

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Overviewing your challenges

For airports, the EDS CB transition should go beyond steps like equipment selection and process implementation. We therefore adhere to a staged approach to address the full spectrum of challenges an airport may face. Explore the challenges below and find out about our solutions.

Understand impact of EDS CB

Problem understanding

Every airport is unique and for this reason, facing your EDS CB challenge best starts with a thorough problem understanding from the airport’s perspective. The problem understanding could then be addressed with a adequate and robust strategy, overlooking a successful transition focused at EDS CB implementation success.

EDS CB design based on process insight

Functional design

Based on data-driven process research, functional modelling of future situations should provide clarity in terms of the business case for change. In-time selection of EDS CB equipment type is certainly an important thing, but the process of reasoning towards one could at the end prove even more important.

Solution validation and optimization of EDS CB

Validation & optmization

In an EDS CB trial project primarily the integration between human and technology should be monitored closely. Enhanced technologies require different CONOPs, in where the operator always acts as the central point of activity. Training, coaching and progression monitoring should be on top of the agenda.

Successfull implementation of EDS CB

COntinuous monitoring

Each airport has its unique set of KPI’s, which makes the security process a highly customized system, resulting in a challenge for achieving the most beneficial form of operation. Continuously monitoring the checkpoint process should in the end safeguard the operational success of a chosen solution path.

We are here to support you

Point FWD helps (airport) security managers make future proof decisions regarding EDS CB implementation. Our approach always starts with the current checkpoint process situation. Find out below what services we provide for addressing your challenge.

Data capture and baseline performance

Functionally designing the security checkpoint

Monitor progression to steer EDS CB trial project

Continuous data collection

With help of robust, yet flexible data tools 


Examples of client cases


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